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Get ready to heat up your style this SPRING, with our sexy Plus Size Bathing Suits
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      The waist, abdomen and back are made of thin silver film interlayer perspiration fabric, which is light and close-fitting and allows free movement. It promotes heat circulation in the body and makes the body sweat quickly;

      2. This fabric is a new type of perspiration material. The surface layer + perspiration silver film + skin contact layer hide the perspiration material in the fabric. The skin contact layer is soft, skin-friendly, dry and comfortable, and says goodbye to stickiness;
      3. The chest, buttocks and legs are made of sports yoga fabric, which is highly elastic, comfortable and breathable, allowing the legs to be stretched freely without tightness in the chest;
      4. The detachable breast cup + under-breast elastic design supportive and shock-proof, so you don’t need to we isar underwear;;

      5. SBS zipper in the front, and crotch piece design inside the zipper to prevent skin strain when pulling the zipper;
      6. Classic square collar design, simple and fashionable;

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