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Get ready to heat up your style this Summer with our sexy Plus Size Bathing Suits
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      1. The upper hem of the girdle is short in front and long in back, and the U-shaped breast support can shrink the accessory breasts and at the same time reduce the fat on the back;
      2. The girdle hem is long in the front and short in the back, with a front arc design to reduce abdominal fat, and an upward arc design at the back to avoid pressing the buttocks;
      3. Two layers of compression on the abdomen, effectively tightening the abdomen; the inner layer has a front and center button design, which is adjustable, and the outer zipper design is more concise and traceless;
      4. Designed with a total of 15 steel ribs, which can effectively shape the shape;
      5. Gold zippers and gold buttons, showing luxury;
      6. The waist cover is embossed with glossy decorative strips for a more beautiful appearance;
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